Rorison Industrial Electric Limited and its employees, through our commitment to quality and high safety standards, will provide the best quality electrical products and services to our customer's complete satisfaction.

Our Commitment to Quality

To provide the best electrical products and services
to our customer's complete satisfaction and expectations.
Rorison Industrial Electric Limited (incorporated in the Province of Ontario on December 23, 1953), provides design, certified CSA manufacturing, and installation of industrial applications including electrical panels, machine tool and automation control systems as well as electrical construction services.

Rorison Industrial Electric Limited has successfully established a quality system that was registered to ISO 9001 standards on December 17, 1998. Copies of our Certificates of Registration are available on request.

All management and employees at Rorison Industrial Electric Limited are very proud that our quality system is compliant with ISO 9001 International Standards. In order to provide our customers with the best possible quality product, we at Rorison are committed to an ongoing review of our processes and quality delivery system to ensure the continual improvement of our product and services